by Andy Howard on December 16, 2012

Here’s a great idea I reckon we’ll be seeing more of. NextDraft is a daily email summary of “the day’s most fascinating news” by Dave Pell. It’s very good, and it’s an interesting model. Subscribers don’t say what they’re interested in to receive personalised news. Subscribers don’t receive email content according to what their friends are reading. Subscribers get the most important news of the day, straight up. In Dave’s words:

Each morning I visit about fifty news sites and from that swirling nightmare of information quicksand, I pluck the top ten most fascinating items of the day, which I deliver with a fast, pithy wit that will make your inbox vibrate with delight.

I’ve been reading NextDraft for a few weeks and it’s awesome. It filters out the noise and presents the news that matters. Plus I always learn something new. Sign up if you like the sound of it.

A related thought: we’ve seen brilliant daily emails become immensely valuable before. DailyCandy sold for $125m in 2008. Thrillist evolved from a daily newsletter to an online lifestyle publication and member-only eCommerce platform with annual revenue upwards of $40 million. I think we’ll be seeing more useful newsletters, each published by experts across different categories. They might filter news for specific topics. They might advise the best fashion deals online right now. They might feature one piece of limited art each day. Once subscribers trust the voice, there’s potential to shift to a transactional business model and transition subscribers to purchasers. It’s not just a newsletter database anymore – it’s a collection of people who, over time, trust and listen to the recommendations they receive each day. That’s a valuable audience.

While we’re talking email newsletters: is doing a reasonable job of keeping my inbox under control.

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