Interaction Design with Fireworks

by Andy Howard on November 1, 2008

As an increasing number of agencies and companies realise the value of interaction design, prototypes, wireframes and other mockups are often used to commence the graphic design process. Interaction design is critical to creating functional websites based on a dialogue between users and a website, but often the visual design starts from scratch and merely references the interaction design. In doing so, some of the value of the interaction design is lost – the visual design starts on a clean slate, using the prototype as a point of reference instead of a foundation. Not only does this result in a website design that may not be as usable and functional as it could be, but it adds time and expense to the process. The best solution? Evolve the interaction design into the visual design. [read more]

Making Remote Working Work

by Andy Howard on August 20, 2008

My FreelanceSwitch post titled Remote Working Works for Freelancers attracted some great feedback in the form of comments and links, and my pondering on which I freelancing topics I should write about next was quickly resolved. In a matter of days I’d penned another post, this time on making remote working work each day. [read more]

Online Drives Offline

by Andy Howard on July 25, 2008

User experience and digital strategy is about the entire online/offline brand experience. User experience does more than enable your website to communicate certain messages to an audience and help them feel a particular way about your product or website when they’re online – it helps the audience also think about you when they’re offline. Similarly, a digital strategy achieves your goals with online strategies that translate to your offline business. For start-up fashion label the-affair, user experience and digital strategy is driving the business for the better. [read more]

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