A brief history of rock n’ roll

by Andy Howard on July 15, 2012

Alex Chadwick shreds guitar at Chicago Music Exchange. In this video he creates a history of rock n’ roll by playing 100 famous guitar riffs in chronological order, in one take. Nevermind that Slayer didn’t make the cut, 100 Riffs is quickly earning views and telling a story about Alex and Chicago Music Exchange. These guys know their rock n’ roll. Alex rips guitar. 100 riffs in one take is admirable and worth telling people about.

Story told, and re-told.

There are undoubtedly stories hidden in your business that your customers, potential customers and employees would be fascinated to see and hear. Where are your stories?

Made Movement

by Andy Howard on July 15, 2012

Made Movement is a marketing agency dedicated to supporting a resurgence in American manufacturing. It’s a new venture by marketing and design veterans Dave Schiff, Scott Prindle and John Kieselhorst of renowned advertising agency Crispin, Porter + Bogusky. Part of the agency’s mission is to help US manufacturers excel in their category. The other part is to rebrand what ‘Made in USA’ means. Along with this mission, Made Movement has launched Made Collection, a curated collection of premium American-made products offered directly to customers in a flash-sale format.

Made Movement has closed the loop from day one. The agency services customers looking for amazing products and brands looking to reach those customers. A smart, integrated, forward-thinking agency model with products at the core. Read a Q&A with Made Movement for more.

Digital marketing talks in Newcastle

by Andy Howard on July 7, 2012

I’ve recently delivered a few digital marketing talks in Newcastle. First up was a guest lecture to the Master of Marketing class at the University of Newcastle on integrated marketing communications. The lecture is embedded below and includes an outline of my approach to digital strategy, some great integrated marketing campaigns and elements that make digital work awesome. Digital strategy and UX are the focus. I blogged about it and included my deck over at the Village.

I also presented the Newcastle iPhone App at the Newi Awards for Best Mobile App, an event hosted by New Lunaticks, and managed a second place. That was fun. I was back at New Lunaticks last month discussing the role of technology in tourism, and while I don’t have video from the talk I thought my notes and tourism campaign references made for a useful blog post.

I really enjoy presenting interesting topics to an interested audience. Half a chance and I’m there.

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