Social gaming by Chupa Chups

by Andy Howard on June 16, 2012

Gaming is the biggest source of entertainment for Chupa Chups’ target audience. A lot of games produced by advertising agencies aren’t very good; creating games people love is a skill and requires significant investment to do it right. BBH, Chupa Chups’ advertising agency, recently launched Chuck Studios to solve this problem. The studio connects Chupa Chups with game developers to help the brand leverage the interactivity and engagement of social gaming:

The role of Chuck Studio’s games is ultimately to help us drive brand preference and build even more loyalty among our fans, by doing this on their terms through activities that they enjoy. The Chuck Studios business model aims to make social-game publishing profitable for all parties. It does not employ game developers directly but rather provides its developer partners with seed funding and use of the Chupa Chups IP. Meanwhile, the game developers can access the brand’s global online fan base and marketing support.

Chuck Studios and developers split revenue from games. The first game, “Chupa Chucker”, is currently in soft-launch on Facebook. BBH is open to launching similar venture for other clients. It’s a smart model. Social games don’t fit into typical advertising campaigns; they require ongoing management, investment and resourcing to ensure success. A purpose-built studio solves the problem by creating lasting brand assets and driving ongoing revenue for game developers.

Make mantra, design studio and UX Pin

by Andy Howard on June 16, 2012

Three short points to help you create better customer experiences online.

A make mantra, or statement of design intent, is a single, actionable sentence that can be used to guide a project. Mark Boulton used two words – ‘create wonder’ – to guide a complex web design project for CERN.

Design studio is a UX technique that focuses the UX team (and client, if you’re game) on solving the most important problems. I like Jason Crane’s method and ZURB’s sketching tips are a good reference.

Convert paper prototypes to digital prototypes with UX Pin. Great for rapid customer testing.

Three little pigs and Dollar Shave Club

by Andy Howard on March 25, 2012

I really like these ads. The Guardian tells a story about immediate reporting, understanding community sentiment and dialling in to social media commentary. Dollar Shave Club creates a vibrant personality and blue ocean market positioning for a simple product and service offering.

Notice the book in the Dollar Shave Club ad at 0:25? ‘The Lean Startup’. The ad was made for $4,500 and generated a 2600% ROI in less than a week, at a conservative estimate (source).

The Dollar Shave Club website design and copy is well executed too – persuasive, clear and simple, strong calls to action and spot on language.

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