Andy Howard

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Andy Howard, Corporate Innovation

Professional Bio

Andy consults to large private and public companies on customer experience, technology and innovation. He has worked in the UK, USA and Australia advising organisations like Royal Bank of Scotland, Sydney Airport and the University of Newcastle. Andy speaks at national events about customer experience and business strategy and is a UX Award winner (1 of 10 annually worldwide). Andy has degrees in Law and Information Science and recently graduated from Corporate Innovation at Stanford's Graduate School of Business.

Andy co-founded The Village of Useful in 2011. Starting out as an advertising and technology agency, a relentless focus on customer experience has now found the Village consulting to large private and public companies on corporate innovation. The Village is a consultancy that implements, believing it’s not innovation — and it’s definitely not useful — until customers can touch and feel it. The Village of Useful recently worked with A.P. Eagers to create a world first in automotive retailing and was globally recognised for helping the University of Newcastle improve pathways to higher education.

Andy is also co-owner and director of fast casual restaurant Screamin' Veemis and a founding board member of community micro-grants movement Awesome Newcastle

Andy was a founding consultant to and shareholder in Conversant Media, an online publishing company and agency acquired for $11.6m in 2016.


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Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Director, The Village of Useful

Corporate innovation consultancy. →

Director, Screamin' Veemis

Fast casual restaurant. →

Founding Board Member, Awesome Newcastle

Community micro-grants. →