Personalised emails from Starbucks

by Andy Howard on December 8, 2013

starbucks-emailI don’t like their coffee, but I do like Starbucks’ approach to personalised emails. This email offer was sent to Hannah and her name is scrawled on the cup, just like it is in-store. See the full email on Pinterest.

what_is_a_product_managerTodd Jackson was the product manager of Gmail and Facebook’s News Feed. He’s shared his product management tips, along with the hallmarks of a great PM, over at First Round Review. Great tips here for product managers, digital producers and project managers. Anyone with a team of designers and developers really.


by Andy Howard on December 6, 2013

oridomiThe web is flat. Now you can fold it.

Check out OriDomi, ‘Origami for the web’, and start folding the DOM like paper.

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